We are proud to announce our upcoming show, Vacation, at The Den Theatre Oct 10 - Nov 9.

Out for the season, Reading, a pro hockey player, recoups during the winter months in a secluded beach house. He relies on his cousin for companionship but finds himself overwhelmed when a string of unwelcome guests wedge their way into his hermitage one night. As the society he tried to keep out overtakes his home, Reading is forced to face the emotional scars that match his physical wounds.

Area IV Theatre was formed out of necessity in the fall of 2009 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Though the company began as mere scaffolding for a foray to the Edmonton and Calgary Fringe Festivals with our premiere play, we soon realized the company was not just a temporary venture but a specific gathering of artistic visions. Our work with Area IV is committed to plays that explore the fogginess of sexuality as it manifests culturally and biologically. We produce new works that are rigorously developed with directors, playwrights, designers, and actors all contributing to the voice of the show. This workshop process takes place over a lengthy period of time, a year or more, complete with readings and other small productions of the piece along the way. We currently operate within the vital theatre community of Chicago, Illinois. Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.
For general requests, you can reach us at info@areaivtheatre.com.

Bear Claw

Two sisters – April and Francesca – return home to support their father in the wake of accusations he has sexually harassed one of his students at the local high school. Though troubled by the lack of information surrounding their father's situation, the two separate for the night as April trades flirting with a faraway fling for human contact and Francesca tries to find meaningful conversation at a sloppy house party.

From the Nightshade Family

After an ambiguous dream, Teddie invites an old college acquaintance, Marion, to his apartment to hang out and catch up. They are stuck together when a January blizzard snows them in, opening the door for a late night of drinking, smoking, and treading old ground. Though Teddie's roommate, Claudio, insists on prying into Marion's sexual history, Teddie is entrusted with Marion's biggest secret, a near-supernatural admission that proves crippling for them both.


As a way to take time off from her life, Cornelia spends her days babysitting her invalid grandparents in exchange for continued financial support from her parents. She sees her life slipping into an unsettling contentment while her long-time boyfriend, White, is hoping she settles into his newly furnished apartment. Struggling to accept stagnation but unable to move forward, Cornelia finds the friction she's looking for when her reclusive friend, Nicole, hires a questionable employee in her rarely trafficked bookstore.

Charlotte Mae Ellison is a founding member of Area IV Theatre, with whom she toured the Canadian Fringe Circuit as Cornelia in MARCH, and served as costume designer for both MARCH and From the Nightshade Family. She has been seen onstage around Chicago with Clockwise Theatre, The Right Brain Project, Chicago Fusion Theatre, Prologue Theatre, Open Source Theatre Project, Awkward Pause Theatre, The Ruckus, and Tympanic Theatre, where she is a company member. Charlotte earned her EMC status in the fall of 2011 in Circle Mirror Transformation at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. She holds a B.A. in Acting and Costume Design from Emerson College, and also studied and performed at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland.

Greyory Blake is a founding member of Area IV Theatre and an artist based out of Chicago, IL. He graduated from Emerson College with a BS major in Marketing Communication: Advertising and Public Relations and minors in Photography and Visual Studies and the Arts. With Area IV, Greyory is in charge of branding and all visual marketing materials. He has worked with a variety of design clients in the fields of print, web, theatre, art, film, and music. Most notably, he also designed and coded the website that you are looking at right now.

havalah's first formal credit with Area IV was the role of Francesca in Bear Claw. havalah has been seen all around Chicago performing for theatre and performance art companies. She has been working regularly with Red Tape Theater (Life and Death of Madam Barker, The Skriker), ScreenDoor Productions, ROOMS, and Food & Performance. havalah is also a company of Oracle Productions where she has been seen in The Mother and The Return of Radio Goggles. She is also a proud alum of Actors Theatre of Louisville's acting apprentice program where she performed in Dracula, The End and Hygeine. havalah has a BFA Acting degree from Emerson College.

Hayes Borkowski is a founding member of Area IV Theatre and a New England-bred playwright working in Chicago. Works include MARCH (Edmonton International Fringe Festival) and From the Nightshade Family (Chicago Fringe Festival). Dedicated to the life of a production, Borkowski has also offered design, dramaturgy, and acting to these works.

Joshua Ellison is a founding member of Area IV Theatre where he directed MARCH (Edmonton International Theatre Festival) and From the Nightshade Family (Chicago Fringe Festival). His work was also seen at Oracle, where he directed Samuel Beckett, Andre the Giant, and the Crickets, and with Tympanic Theatre in Deliver us from Nowhere. He is an Artistic Associate with Tympanic and a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College.

Zachary Baker-Salmon is a founding member of Area IV Theatre. He graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Theatre Studies. Zachary has been a contributing member of Area IV Theatre since 2009. With Area IV Theatre, Zachary has appeared in MARCH as Anderson, also in From the Nightshade Family as Teddy. In Chicago, Zachary has produced shows for Theater Unspeakable and appeared in shows with Oracle Theatre, Tympanic Theatre and The Scooty and JoJo Show. Directing credits include Wallace Shawn's Summer Evening and Andrew Clarke's Breakfast with Harvey.

October 10 - November 9, 2014
Chicago, Illinois @ The Den Theatre

Written by Hayes Borkowski
Directed by Joshua Ellison

Reading … Zach Livingston
Holly … Rosie Moan
Ursula … Christine Vrem-Ydstie
Adam … Zachary Baker-Salmon
Marina … Charlotte Mae Ellison

Karaoke Performances …
Christopher Francis, Tom Simmons, Greyory Blake, & Hayes Borkowski

Stage Manager … Erin Caitlin Altekruse
Costumes … Charlotte Mae Ellison
Set … Greyory Blake & Jennifer Choi
Props … Hayes Borkowski
Sound Design … Preston Reynolds
Lighting Design … Joshua Ellison

Marketing … Greyory Blake
August 1 - 18, 2013
Chicago, Illinois @ The Side Project Theatre

Written by Hayes Borkowski
Directed by Zachary Baker-Salmon

April … Charlotte Mae Ellison
Francesca … havalah grace
George … Michael Patrick Knutson
Gordon … Steven Delisi
Morgan … Jason Clements

Dramaturgy … Joshua Ellison
Costumes and Props … Hayes Borkowski
Lighting Design … Joshua Ellison
Sound Design … Preston Reynolds
Projection Design … Greyory Blake

Design and Marketing … Greyory Blake
September 4-11, 2011
Chicago, Illinois @ Chicago Fringe Festival

Written by Hayes Borkowski
Directed by Joshua Ellison

Teddie … Zachary Baker-Salmon
Claudio … Christopher Waldron
Marion … Hayes Borkowski

Costumes … Charlotte Mae Ellison née Jusino
Set and Props … Casey Bentley
Design and Marketing … Greyory Blake
"Twentysomethings toss around New Yorker-esque snarky commentary to avoid their real life problems. The dialogue isn't distracting and helps move along the story… Over pot-smoking sessions and binge drinking (another attempt to remain forever young), they're forced to delve into their issues."
Time Out Chicago
July 8 - August 22, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts @ First Church Boston
Milford, New Hampshire @ The Amato Center for the Performing Arts
Calgary, Alberta @ Calgary Fringe Festival
Edmonton, Alberta @ Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Written by Hayes Borkowski
Directed by Joshua Ellison

Anderson … Zachary Baker-Salmon
White … Gabriel Rodriguez
Cornelia … Charlotte Mae Ellison née Jusino
Nicole … Catherine Kennedy

Costumes … Charlotte Mae Ellison née Jusino
Set and Props … Hayes Borkowski
Fight Choreography … Kirin McCrory
Vocal Work … Rosie Moan, Charlotte Mae Ellison née Jusino

Producer … James Viggiano
Design and Marketing … Greyory Blake
PR … Randi Heylek, Laura Von Bergen

"Nearly all of the dialogue seems to be entirely subtextual–nothing that any character says to another seems to be altogether truthful. Instead, it's couched, cautious. The play itself is a language game where everything and nothing is said–and what's more, it's brilliant."
★★★★, Vue Weekly

"Fascinating work that slowly builds momentum to a memorable conclusion. Acting is terrific in this period piece (1983) about a moment in time and the choices that people respond to within that moment… A very difficult scenario to dramatize done with enormous clarity and sensitivity."
★★★★, See Magazine